Can I lose weight with this diet?

The New Ancestral Diet is a lifestyle dietary pattern, not a short term diet.  However, following this pattern would likely lead to optimal weight and optimal health, at least as influenced by nutrition.


What's the difference between this diet and the Paleo Diet?

Basically, no consumption of animal products, which the Paleo diet emphasizes eating meat - contrary to scientific evidence of the past 85 million years of primate evolution.


I like the taste of meat; it seems kind of radical without meat in my diet?

We as advanced primates are highly adaptable eaters.  Yes we can eat meat - and a wide variety of other food sources.  But our dietary base has always been plants.  Latest scientific peer-reviewed research (detailed in the book The New Ancestral Diet) indicates the chronic diseases and leading causes of death in Wester societies can be traced to meat consumption.  It iss therefore somewhat radical to participate in a dietary patten with meat that often leads to suffering, surgeries, and early death.


How can I learn more?

Besides reading the book The New Ancestral Diet, information will be posted on a blog accompanying this site; also follow Richard Aiken MD, PhD on Twitter (@rcaiken), the Facebook Pages Hillbilly Vegan and The New Ancestral Diet. Effect of dietary patterns on mood is explored on