Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 47-with Dr. Richard Aiken-The New Ancestral Diet

Dr. Dulaney: "Please enjoy this interview with Dr. Richard Aiken, author of The New Ancestral Diet.    Dr. Aiken is the medical director of the Lakeland Behavior Health System in Missouri.  He began his plant based journey after hearing an interview with former President Clinton discussing a vegan diet and how he wanted to live long enough to enjoy his grandchildren.   Yet another testimony that physicians get little nutrition training unless they seek it out for themselvess often away from mainstream medial education.   As a mathematician and physician he was very interested in the scientific models of plant and animal evolution and how they applied to today's healthcare crisis.  He has enjoyed the benefits of a plant based diet and he is now moving forward to apply his findings to his current practice of psychiatry."